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A photo of Clint on his bike

A lot can come from a conversation between a client and his banker. Like knowing where the rubber meets the road.

Watch Clint and Peter's story
  • A photo of Clint smiling and looking at a bike wheel

    Meet our client

    Clint Spiegel was a serial entrepreneur who began creating startups right out of college. After years of hard work, he reached a crossroads in life. That’s when he took up cycling, the activity that changed his life, health, and his business direction. From that experience he started Industry Nine, a company that designs and produces wheels and other bike components. Today, the company continues to grow right along with Clint’s passion for cycling.
  • A photo of banker Peter Best talking with Clint

    Meet our banker

    Peter Best is a veteran commercial banker in Asheville, NC. While he hasn’t been bitten by the biking bug yet, he knows how to help clients like Clint overcome financing obstacles, keep cash moving at operational speed and build momentum to stay ahead of the competition.
  • A photo of Peter and Clint in the Industry Nine bike shop

    About the business

    Industry Nine Componentry designs and manufactures handmade, high quality hubs, wheel systems and bike components in their Asheville, NC, shop. An avid cyclist, Clint Spiegel tests each design himself to ensure every component lives up to the highest level of performance. The company takes just as much pride in fostering a tight-knit family environment and bringing American made products to market.
  • A close-up photo of bike wheel

    How First Horizon helped

    First Horizon was honored to provide the financing for Industry Nine’s new manufacturing facility. Additionally, with Peter’s insight, we’ve been able to help Clint streamline his cash cycle with treasury management tools like Remote Deposit Capture.

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