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Firs Horizon Bank helps business find the credit and financing solutions that help them move forward.

Lending and Financing

Find the financing solution that meets your organization's short- or long-term expansion plans.

Short-term Loans

Funding for special short-term business needs when you don't need a line of credit.

Lines of Credit

Get fast access to additional cash when growth or unique circumstances require working capital.

Commercial Equipment Leasing

Improve your cash flow and protect yourself from obsolete technology by leasing your equipment.

Construction Loans

Short-term funding for commercial real estate construction projects.

Term Loans for Permanent Financing

Leverage funding for a new expansion, equipment, vehicles, and acquisitions to improve your business.

Interest Rate Swaps

An Interest Rate Swap is a derivative instrument that allows one party to swap, or exchange, one set of cash flows for another. Typically, the exchange is a series of floating rate payments for a series of fixed rate payments.

Commercial Real Estate

First Horizon Bank provides commercial real estate loans to fund your venture while avoiding a serious cash crunch.

Commercial Equipment Leasing

Improve your cash flow, protect yourself from obsolete technology, and enjoy possible tax advantages by leasing your equipment.

Specialty Lending

Lending solutions for specialized business needs like warehouse lending, ABL, franchise finance and more.