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ClearPath Fast Payments

You control the right time to send.

Our ClearPath Fast Payments is an innovative money movement offering for a business to disburse funds any time, any day. Companies are allowed to retain monies longer and achieve their desired outcome – enhanced liquidity. Your payees are pleased because the funds you transfer are available immediately, which equates to 365/24/7 accessibility and increased cash flow.

Create better connections between you and your payees.

While speed is the key benefit, there’s so much more value with ClearPath Fast Payments. It will transform how you do business by enhancing control of your working capital while building better relationships with payees. Reduced settlement times and immediate notification of incoming payments provide payees with accelerated access to funds. All disbursements are final when paid.

ClearPath Fast Payments lets your business:

  • Send money on any day, in any time zone, and outside of banking hours
  • Send money immediately to any U.S. deposit account (business or personal)
  • Send individual or groups of payments immediately and securely
  • View transaction status as payments are delivered to payees
  • Send money directly from your systems or through a secure portal

Key benefits:

  • Reduced settlement time – funds are either immediately disbursed or declined
  • Immediate confirmation of incoming payments to payee
  • Payer receives instant alerts for money that has been sent and received
  • Ability to monitor transactions as they happen, allowing for easy reconciliation
  • Access to robust reporting of successful and unsuccessful transactions

Let us help your business accelerate the way you move money.

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