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Remote Cash Deposit

Increase your processing efficiency and enhance loss prevention with Remote Cash Deposit.

With First Horizon Bank's Remote Cash Deposit, your business can enjoy greater efficiency in processing, enhanced security for your deposits, and daily funds availability to better manage your cash flow. Your funds are secured and managed professionally and efficiently from the time you deposit them to the moment they are credited to your account.

Product Benefits

  • Greater financial information visibility
  • Faster funds availability in some cases
  • Enhanced loss prevention
  • Increased employee safety and security

How does it work?

  • On-site safe – with Remote Cash Deposit, you can choose the safe option that fits your deposit needs best. Once the money is in your safe, no one else will touch it until it is scheduled for transportation.
  • Armored transportation – when pick-up is scheduled, your company management and the armored transport provider maintain dual control access to the funds until they are verified and guaranteed for transport.
  • Deposit processing and consolidation – funds can be processed via a traditional or daily deposit model.
  • Web-based reporting – once we post your deposit, the activity can be viewed through First Horizon BusinessConnect℠ and TreasuryConnect℠. We will also provide your business with a BAI file for reconciliation purposes.

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