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Fixed and Variable Annuities

A tax-deferred way to build your nest egg.

A form of contract issued by life insurance companies, annuities provide a fixed or variable payment. A Fixed Annuity provides a consistent rate of return for a set period of time.

With a Variable Annuity contract, the payment is related to the actual performance of the underlying investments. You select the underlying investment accounts and assume the risk but also control the potential for returns.

Fixed Annuity Features

  • Fixed, guaranteed payments paid by the insurance company
  • Return based on interest rate for a set period
  • Risk is assumed by the insurance company

Fixed Annuity Benefits

  • Risk assumed by insurance company
  • Guaranteed, predictable payments from insurance company
  • Periodic distributions
  • Annuitized payments you cannot outlive

Variable Annuity Features

  • Variable payments
  • Return based on performance of underlying investment accounts
  • Risk assumed by you as the annuity owner
  • You select the underlying investment accounts
  • Your portfolio can be adjusted as your risk tolerance changes over time
  • Distributions can be periodic annuitized payments you cannot outlive
  • Additional riders can be added for other withdrawal options or death benefit options for additional cost

Variable Annuity Benefits

  • You direct the investments


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