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Accounts Receivable Funding

Better control over receivables.*

Sell your receivables to a third party to generate immediate cash flow, and collect up to 80% of the value. Our strategic alliance with United Capital Funding does not require any minimums and even lets you choose which invoices you want to factor. So, you maintain complete control over the process.

AR funding candidates are:

  • Start-up businesses to those with sales of up to $25 million
  • Rapidly growing with increasing capital needs
  • Newly established with a limited credit history
  • In need of cash on hand and have limited collateral

Product Features

  • Provides a continuous source of operating cash without increasing debt
  • Flexible underwriting
  • Professional collections with detailed management reports

Product Benefits

  • Maintain a good credit rating with the ability to pay creditors on time
  • Free up your time to focus on increasing your business, not collecting debts
  • No Wire Transfer or ACH fees for First Horizon Bank clients

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