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Small Business Digital Banking with QuickBooks™

Get connected to your account

Small Business Digital Banking with QuickBooks™ offers you the ability to connect to the bank and automatically import and categorize transactions. Using your Small Business Banking credentials, you can configure your QuickBooks software to connect before you can access your accounts.



Product Features:

  • Download your account information
  • Pay your bills online
  • Transfer funds between account
  • Run customizable reports
  • Track goods and services through the entire supply chain


Upgrade to Direct Connect

Direct Connect is a complimentary service that allows QuickBooks users to update their First Horizon account(s) in QuickBooks.

  • Synchronize your account in (QuickBooks quickly and securely)

  • Easily categorize and reconcile accounts with complete transaction and balance information

  • Avoid duplicate transactions with a special transaction-matching algorithm

Download our Direct Connect user guide to get started.



Or try the Online Version

While we recommend downloading Direct Connect for the best user experience, you may prefer using the online version – Web Connect.

With web connect you can:

income and expenses

Track income and expenses


Capture and organize receipts

tax report

Maximize tax deductions

An icon of a hand holding coins

Invoice and accept payments

For more information, download our Web Connect user guide.



Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I getting an error when I try to log in to QuickBooks?
Make sure you are typing in the correct User ID/Password and there are not any special characters in your User ID.

Why am I seeing a security question I do not recognize?
You could be using an incorrect User ID.

Why am I getting an error trying to connect to First Horizon?
You may have inactive accounts associated to your QuickBooks profile.

Why am I missing transactions?
Make sure your accounts are activated and updated.

Need further assistance? Please visit the Quickbooks support page.