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Trust Services

Build your legacy.

When it comes to managing your estate, you're weighing future plans against today's needs. Our professionals can help you with both.

We'll work with your legal and tax advisors to help meet your long-term goals and protect your estate.

When you work with our team, you get:

  1. People who ask the right questions.
    We'll work to understand your aspirations and current situation.

  2. Solutions customized for your needs.
    We'll create an estate plan that meets your goals.

  3. A professional who speaks the language.
    Our advisors know the industry and can make things both easy to understand and applicable to your future goals.

Be in control of what you leave behind by accessing the level of service you need.

Comprehensive Consultative & Executionary Professional
Trustee Services:
Asset management and investment strategy to make sure your directives are correctly executed.
Revocable living trusts:
Minimize estate taxes, avoid probate and have the ability to make changes over time.
Trusts under a will:
Be sure your estate is distributed on your terms.
Charitable trusts:
Support the causes close to your heart while taking advantage of tax benefits.
Directed trust services for financial professionals:
We'll handle the administrative tasks so you can maintain your role as your client's key advisor.
Individual retirement trusts:
Enjoy the tax benefits of an IRA with the long-term protection of a trust.
Estate settlement services:
We'll effectively manage the complex estate settlement process so your family members don't have to.
Irrevocable life insurance trusts:
Fund your trust with life insurance to cover estate taxes and other expenses.
Investment and portfolio management:
Discover the benefits of using a long-term approach to reach your financial goals.
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