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Business Account Analysis Statements

Offset monthly activity charges with credit earned for balances and receive cash management tools to help track your cash flow.

First Horizon Bank Business Account Analysis Statements provide you with a summary of your checking account and treasury management services activity for the previous month, so that you can easily track your usage of banking products.

Product Features

  • Detailed breakdown of average balance levels as well as a listing of each of the individual services you use
  • Summary of your Earnings Credit Rate (ECR) – credit you earn based on your balances – along with a complete reconciliation of your account balances and the bank fees that apply to them

Product Benefits

  • Information allows you to better manage your cash position
  • Statements can be sent to you each month through the mail or, if you're a BusinessConnect or TreasuryConnect client, we'll notify you by email when your statements are available online

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