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BusinessConnect and TreasuryConnect

Allocate funds with maximum efficiency.

With First Horizon BusinessConnectâ„  and First Horizon TreasuryConnectâ„ , you get 24/7 access to First Horizon’s highly secure web server to view your organization's prior-day, current-day and real-time banking information. It’s the complete tool for managing all of your banking transactions quickly and conveniently.

Service Features:

  • Intuitive navigation and a high level of customization
  • Notifications/Alerts to keep you informed of important actions
  • A single payment and transfer module for originating account transfers, ACH and Wire Transfers
  • Security settings which allow administrators to tightly control individual user entitlements
  • Single sign-on access to accounts and Treasury Management services, allowing multiple usernames and passwords to be consolidated
  • Enhanced security measures, including the use of tokens to authenticate users and safeguard your accounts and information
  • Ability to connect to Quicken and QuickBooks

BusinessConnect and TreasuryConnect also offer a “super-user” administrator feature. The super-user can grant to various employees the appropriate levels of access to company accounts. This lets several employees access and use online banking, but only those features designated by the super-user.

Highlights BusinessConnect at First Horizon TreasuryConnect at First Horizon
Manage checking, savings and business loan accounts Checkmark Checkmark
Set up email alerts Checkmark Checkmark
Make transfers between First Horizon accounts
(includes loan payments made from checking accounts)
Checkmark Checkmark
View paid checks and deposit images Checkmark Checkmark
Create and save transaction reports and list views Checkmark Checkmark
Receive electronic versions of checking, savings, account analysis and business loan statements Checkmark Checkmark
Initiate Stop Payments Checkmark Checkmark
Export data with QuickBooks, Quicken and .CSV options Checkmark Checkmark
Export data with BAI and SWIFT options   Checkmark
Create additional users and assign entitlements to specific accounts and functionality Checkmark Checkmark
Use optional services
(requires entitlement to each service)
  • Originate electronic payments to vendors, consumers, employees and tax authorities via ACH, Wire Transfer and Business Bill Pay channels
  • Mitigate fraud through Reverse Positive Pay (no need to send check register to the bank)
  • Scan check deposits with Remote Deposit Capture
  • Access the mobile experience using a smartphone or tablet
Checkmark Checkmark
Use optional services (continued)
(requires entitlement to each service)
  • Originate ACH Debits
  • Import ACH and Wire bulk payment instructions
  • Originate International Wire Transfers with an option to perform foreign currency transactions
  • Mitigate fraud with Check Positive Pay (with or without Payee Name Verification) and/or ACH Positive Pay
  • Access Lockbox check and remittance images, Controlled Disbursement reporting and the check/deposit image archive

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