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BusinessConnect and TreasuryConnect FAQs

Why is First Horizon upgrading to BusinessConnect and TreasuryConnect?

First Horizon BusinessConnectSM, First Horizon TreasuryConnectSM and mobile banking through First Horizon Connect provide integrated online access to your Treasury Management services from virtually anywhere at any time with a new and enhanced digital experience.

  • BusinessConnect provides a simple user interface with access to basic Treasury Management solutions
  • TreasuryConnect is designed for power users who dedicate time each day to managing their business and cash flow, including account review and reconciliation, payment origination and fraud mitigation

Clients may upgrade from BusinessConnect to TreasuryConnect as their banking services needs grow.

Our advanced online banking platform provides:

  • A modern design, allowing intuitive navigation and a high level of customization
  • Notifications/Alerts to keep you informed of important actions
  • A single payment and transfer module for originating account transfers, ACH and Wire Transfers
  • Security settings which allow administrators to tightly control individual user entitlements
  • Single sign-on access to accounts and Treasury Management services, eliminating the need for multiple usernames and passwords

Are BusinessConnect and TreasuryConnect secure?

Yes. Each time you log in to BusinessConnect or TreasuryConnect, one secure connection is opened to the bank. This connection is protected using Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2, which is a security protocol that prevents eavesdropping, tampering and message forgery over the Internet. Additional protection is offered to online users in the form of firewall technology. Firewalls monitor all data traffic to and from First Horizon Bank, ensuring that only known users are able to gain access.

What are the technical requirements to use BusinessConnect and TreasuryConnect?

BusinessConnect and TreasuryConnect require Internet access with a 256-bit encrypted browser. The supported operating systems and other technical requirements for optimal functions are based on the supported browser. All system specifications required by browser or operating system vendors must be satisfied.

Supported Browsers: Microsoft Edge

What legal terms will govern my use of BusinessConnect and TreasuryConnect?

Legal terms and conditions for BusinessConnect and TreasuryConnect can be found here.

What is a System Admin or System Administrator?

System Administrators have the ability to grant access to selected employees to perform certain BusinessConnect and TreasuryConnect functions. An Admin has unlimited rights and access to all enrolled features and services for your business profile. The Admin may add multiple Admins and multiple users. For instance, one employee (user) may need to handle fund transfers while another employee (user) may only need to view the account. Employees (users) are able to access only those functions assigned to them by an Admin through the use of passwords and other security features.

System Administrators also have the ability to reset passwords for their company.

Which accounts can I access through BusinessConnect and TreasuryConnect?

You can view all transactions for your checking and savings accounts. You can see balances for the following: checking accounts, savings accounts, CDs, individual retirement accounts (IRAs), installment loans, business lines of credit, home equity lines of credit, mortgages and brokerage accounts.

If I place a stop payment in a banking center, will it show up in my BusinessConnect or TreasuryConnect summary?

The BusinessConnect or TreasuryConnect summary will show all stop payments on your account no matter how you placed the stop payment.

How do I access and log in to BusinessConnect and TreasuryConnect?

You can access BusinessConnect and TreasuryConnect on the First Horizon website at Click on the blue Log In button in the top right corner of the menu bar.

Do I need multiple usernames and passwords?

No. BusinessConnect and TreasuryConnect provide access to Treasury Management Services with a single username and password.

How do users reset a forgotten password?

Users can easily reset their password or recover their User ID from the sign-on page using the “Forgot User ID/Password” link prominently placed on the page. Alternatively, the Company System Administrator has the ability to reset passwords and recover User IDs. Lastly, you can contact Treasury Management Technical Support at 800-778-5915 for assistance.

What is the maximum number of users allowed in a BusinessConnect and TreasuryConnect profile?

Currently there are no restrictions to the number of users allowed in a single client profile.

Can I use BusinessConnect and TreasuryConnect with a Mac?

Yes, BusinessConnect and TreasuryConnect are compatible with both Mac and PC.

Can multiple users access BusinessConnect and TreasuryConnect simultaneously?

Yes, multiple users can access BusinessConnect and TreasuryConnect simultaneously. Also, you are not restricted to a specific computer; it can be used from any computer with Internet access with a 256-bit encrypted browser, including your mobile device.

What should I do if I can’t access BusinessConnect or TreasuryConnect?

Contact TM Technical Support for assistance, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. ET at 800-778-5915 or

How current is the balance information that is provided?

Checking and Savings account available balance, collected balance, transactional information and loan account balance displays real-time activity on your account. The information updates each time you access the system and after you refresh the page.

What are the differences between current balances, available balances and collected balances reflected through BusinessConnect and TreasuryConnect?

  • Current Ledger – Account balance as of the end of the previous business day (also known as ledger balance). Also includes any real-time transactions from the current day (i.e., wires, transfers, pre-funded ACH settlement entries).
  • Current Available – Includes the current balance, while also considering any holds or memo-posted transactions (i.e., ACH items, cash withdrawals or deposits). Line of credit balances are not included.
  • Current Collected Balance – The available balance less any outstanding float from check deposits. Also, the amount that is available for wire transfer or ACH pre-funding. Line of credit balances are not included.

What are the standard default reports and can I create reports as needed?

The chart below lists the standard reports that are available in BusinessConnect and TreasuryConnect. This includes a Special Reports feature that allows you to choose the information to be included in the report and allows you to save the report for future use.

The system also allows you to download balance and transaction data in Bank Administration Institute (BAI), CSV, CS Basic Export (a basic comma-separated format), Quicken/QuickBooks (OFX), and SWIFT MT940/MT942 format.

Report First Horizon BusinessConnect First Horizon TreasuryConnect
Standard Reports
Balance and Transaction Reporting Checkmark Checkmark
Controlled Disbursement Report Checkmark Checkmark
Lockbox Reporting Checkmark Checkmark
Wire Transaction Report Checkmark Checkmark
Report Management
Account Statement Report Checkmark Checkmark
ACH Company Report Checkmark Checkmark
Cash Position Checkmark Checkmark
Current Day Availability Checkmark Checkmark
Payment Detail Report Checkmark Checkmark
Template Detail Report Checkmark Checkmark
User Permission Checkmark Checkmark
Special Reports
ACH Returns Checkmark Checkmark
Account Exception/Correction Report Checkmark Checkmark
Deposit Reconciliation Report Checkmark Checkmark
Electronic Payment Report Checkmark Checkmark
Outstanding Listing Report Checkmark Checkmark
Reconciliation Report Checkmark Checkmark
DDA Bank Statements Checkmark Checkmark
Account Analysis Statements Checkmark Checkmark

How do I connect with QuickBooks/Quicken?

BusinessConnect and TreasuryConnect can connect to QuickBooks/Quicken. Learn More

Can access to account information and reports be restricted to specific users?

System administrators can customize user access as needed to meet their company’s needs. If a user requires access to only a single account, the administrator can use the user entitlements to enable or disable access.

Can transaction amounts be restricted for specific users?

Yes, transaction limits can be set for specific users for the approval of the payment, template, or transfer and can be set in a variety of ways as noted below. You can assign overall approval limits for a user and limits associated with individual bank accounts assigned to the user. Overall approval limits indicate the maximum value of payments that the user can approve for a transaction, batch or the day. Payments and templates must pass all limit checks in order to be approved.

There are three types of limits: transaction, batch and daily.

  • A transaction approval limit indicates the maximum amount of a single transaction. This limit applies to both wire and batch payments.
  • A batch approval limit is the maximum amount of all items in a batch. This limit is not applicable to wire payments.
  • A daily approval limit is the maximum total value of all payments that can be approved on a given value date.

Furthermore, these limits can be set for all payments of a particular type, e.g., Wire, ACH or they can be further delineated at a more specific level, e.g., Domestic Wire, International Wire.

You can also assign a specific limit to individual templates that indicates the maximum dollar amount that can be used for the template.

Can I make a payment to my loan or line of credit?

Yes, the system will allow you to easily make payments to your loan or line of credit.

Can I make a draw on my line of credit?

Yes. A draw on your line of credit is a feature of BusinessConnect and TreasuryConnect; however, it must be authorized by your Relationship Manager before it will be added to your profile.

Can an alert be set up in BusinessConnect and TreasuryConnect to email users when approval is pending?

Yes, BusinessConnect and TreasuryConnect have the ability to automatically generate an alert to notify identified users when an approval is pending.

In BusinessConnect and TreasuryConnect, if using approval groups, is an automated email sent to all users in that group to alert them of action needed, or does the originator have to let them know?

The BusinessConnect and TreasuryConnect Alert Center Widget allows you to control what alerts are sent and to whom they are sent. The company will select the desired alert and indicate the appropriate recipient(s) or recipient group.

Can I schedule future-dated ACH and Wire transactions?

You can schedule ACH and/or Wire transactions with a value date of approximately 45 days in the future.

Can I save payment information to reuse in the future?

Yes, you can save payment information for future use as described below:

  • Click the "Add a New Template" link in the Payment Center.
  • When originating a payment, check the box labeled "Save this payment as a template for future use."
  • Create a new contact in the Contact Center under the Administration & Settings menu.

Can I create an alert to view ACH Return activity?

Yes, you can set up an alert to notify you when the ACH Return Activity report is available for you to review on the system.

Why is my ACH batch still reflecting an approved status?

An ACH payment will remain in an approved status until First Horizon extracts the payment to the bank’s back office for further processing. The extraction process happens in bank-defined, pre-set processing windows throughout the day. Depending on the time the payment was approved, it may appear that some payments remain in an approved status longer than other payments.

Also, approved future-dated ACH Payments will remain in BusinessConnect or TreasuryConnect until one business day prior to the settlement date.

Can users originate multiple transfers simultaneously?

Yes, users can originate multiple transfers simultaneously.

What types of accounts can I transfer funds to and from?

Account Type Transfer From Transfer To
Checking Yes Yes
Savings Yes Yes
Add-On CD No Yes
Home Equity Lines of Credit Yes Yes
Home Equity Loans No Yes
Personal Lines of Credit Yes Yes
Installment Loans No Yes
Mortgages No Yes
Commercial Loan No Yes
Commercial Letter of Credit No Yes
Commercial Line of Credit Yes Yes

What features and functionality are available in the First Horizon Connect mobile app?

Mobile functionality matches BusinessConnect and TreasuryConnect functionality, including User Administration, Payment Origination and Approval, Bill Pay, Mobile RDC, Positive Pay Decisions, Alters and Reporting.

Does access to mobile banking come with BusinessConnect and TreasuryConnect, or do I enroll separately?

Mobile Banking does not require a separate enrollment at the Company level. However, the Company’s System Administrator will need to grant the entitlement to a user. Once this is complete, the user can download the application to their device and begin using the application.

Are there any Apple or Android devices that are not compatible with the mobile app?

The mobile app supports most newer Apple and Android devices. The matrix below identifies the specific requirements for using the mobile app.

Phone Type Supported Devices Device Operating System Mobile Browser
iPhone iPhone 6S and all devices beyond iOS 14
iOS 13
iOS 12
iPad iPad Air 2 (2014) and all devices beyond iOS 14
iOS 13
iOS 12
Android Phone Devices by manufacturers that support the supported operating systems and mobile browsers Android 11
Android 10
Pie (9.0)
Android Tablet Devices by manufacturers that support the supported operating systems and mobile browsers Android 11
Android 10
Pie (9.0)

Where do I go to download the mobile app?

First Horizon’s mobile banking app can be downloaded from either the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Can administrators access user administration through the mobile app?

Yes, user administration is available on the mobile app.

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