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Understanding the Business Lending Process

Want to apply for a business loan with us? Here's what to expect and how to get started.

At First Horizon Bank, we want to make the lending process as efficient and seamless as possible for our business customers. To assist you, we have developed an overview of the process that includes:

  1. What you should expect when applying.
  2. How to get started.

What you should expect

  • One local point of contact – you'll work directly with a banker in one of our branches or your Relationship Manager.
  • Efficient decisions – our Business Service Center generally provides a decision on less complex loans in one – two business days. More complex applications may require additional days.
    • Factors include: type of loan, nature of the information requested, and whether a collateral review/appraisal is necessary.
  • Choices – we also have a range of business lending options.

Getting Started

  1. Determine the type of loan* you need. This is best accomplished by scheduling an appointment with your Relationship Manager or by visiting a branch. You may also review our lending options online.
  2. Consider your collateral. You'll want to determine what to use (liquid assets, home, etc.) and how much value is required to secure your loan.
  3. Gather materials for the application. You'll need up to three years of business tax returns and three years of personal tax returns. You should also gather information in regards to your personal financials and any business debt.
  4. Provide other materials as requested. Depending on the type of loan or line of credit, additional information may be needed. 

Get started

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