Payroll Direct Deposit
The safe, reliable way to get all your employees on direct deposit.

Payroll checks are the most commonly used transaction to perpetrate a fraud. Direct deposit of payroll eliminates the paper, and therefore, the opportunity for fraud.

Product Features

  • Employees are provided with their pay stubs detailing tax withholdings and other pertinent payroll information
  • Employee pay is processed directly into their banking account of choice
  • Direct Deposit files are submitted two business days prior to the effective payroll date and the bank ensures that payroll is met by placing a hold on your account balance of equal value until the payroll is processed
  • These balances are included in your average daily collected balance that offsets the fee for the package services

Product Benefits

  • Eliminates the need to reissue checks, place stop payments and perform reconciliation
  • Your employees receive instant gratification on paydays versus having to go to the bank and wait for the item to clear or possibly pay a fee to cash the check

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