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Zero Balance Account

Concentrate deposits or fund multiple disbursing accounts from a single master account.

A Zero Balance Account allows you to concentrate deposits into a single account or fund multiple disbursing accounts from a single account. This account is ideal if you would like to keep separate accounting records for functions within your organization or if you would like to initiate your investments from a single account.

Product Features

  • Allows you to fund a single master account which in turn automatically funds several disbursement accounts
  • You can also fund disbursement accounts to be concentrated into the single master account
  • Our DDA operating system allows for the connection of multiple checking accounts you might have for various operating units

Product Benefits

  • Increased efficiency – by completely automating the process of funds movement, Zero Balance Accounts make your company more efficient
  • Enhanced flexibility – allows checks to be written and/or deposits made to any of the sub-accounts, offering more flexibility

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