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Family Office Services

First Horizon Advisors' Family Office Services is designed to help you minimize the burden of managing multiple financial professionals.

With our many products and services we serve as your family's "chief financial officer," taking your instructions and working in coordination with the other players to help execute your strategies and orchestrate the many details that come with a complex financial life.

Your Need We Help You


  • Gather data/financial records
  • Assess current financial condition
  • Create a plan with specific recommendations
  • Coordinate plan implementation with appropriate subject matter experts
  • Follow up and adjust financial plan to help achieve goals
  • Prepare financial reports annually
  • Record, report and examine cash flow

Financial Organization

  • Develop a personal client website that organizes your financial life
  • Provide an electronic document vault on your personal website that can be remotely accessed
  • Complete in-home filing of important paper documents
  • Offer identity theft protection services*

Day-To-Day Money Management

  • Pay bills
  • Receive and organize bills
  • Complete daily financial transactions
  • Manage bank records
  • Coordinate foreign currency exchange
  • Facilitate the lending process with any related parties

Tax Organization

  • Coordinate with your tax professional on timely preparation and filing of Federal and State tax returns and payments
  • Keep records of supporting documents for tax returns
  • Organize and maintain a current year tax file for tax preparation as well as records used to calculate basis of real estate assets

Estate Planning and Implementation

  • Review existing wills, trusts and powers of attorney
  • Coordinate with your attorney
  • Locate necessary documents or forms in order for you to execute beneficiary changes and retitling of assets

Risk Management

  • Review all insurance coverage and premiums (property and casualty, life, disability, long-term care)
  • Coordinate execution of necessary documentation and communication to insurance agents and companies

Investment Strategy and Implementation

  • Determine if risk tolerance and asset allocation needs are aligned
  • Communicate your goals, investment experience and risk tolerance to your investment advisors
  • Communicate your investment strategy and decisions with tax planning and estate planning professionals
  • Review your plan regularly

The result is a higher level of order, structure, clear direction and confidence as you approach the successful financial future you have always desired to give your family.

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