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A photo of Mack sitting in his restaurant

A lot can come from a conversation between a client and his banker. Like landing a franchise in an airport.

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  • A photo of Mack Wilbourn smiling at his banker

    Meet our client

    Mack Wilbourn is a multi-franchise restaurant owner who, back in 1996, was determined to open a Popeyes location in the competitive Atlanta airport. Since then, he’s opened 10 additional restaurants and has become such a fixture that he’s lovingly referred to as the ‘Mayor’ of the airport by employees and fellow business owners.
  • A photo of First Horizon Banker Mark DiLuzio talking with Mack Wilbourn

    Meet our banker

    Mark DiLuzio is a First Horizon commercial credit banking industry veteran who started working with Mack on his first franchise way back in 1988. The two hit it off right away, and in the years to follow, Mark has helped Mack grow his business, while developing a strong bond that’s guided their relationship ever since.
  • A photo of Mack Wilbourn and First Horizon Banker Mark DiLuzio talking in Mack's restaurant.

    About the restaurants

    Mack started out with a single Popeyes location in the competitive restaurant environment of the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. With a penchant for innovation and nimble leadership, he overcame challenges to open seven other franchise restaurant locations, from Popeyes to Phillips Seafood and others.
  • Mack Wilbourn and First Horizon Banker Mark DiLuzio having a discussion

    How First Horizon helped

    Mack considers Mark his banker and an extended part of his team. He has relied on him for specialized restaurant financial analysis and financing expertise to overcome obstacles, take advantage of opportunities, and grow and manage the business.

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