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Kathy Henry at work.

A business owner, a banker and a partnership in fighting fraud.

Watch Kathy's story
  • A business owner, a banker and some frustrated fraudsters.

    Meet our client

    Kathy Henry, CFO at Forklift Systems, Inc., was looking for a way to protect her bottom line, the future of the business, and her employees from financial fraud. So, she partnered with First Horizon to help implement protections and find peace of mind.
  • A business owner and a banker partner to fight fraud.

    Meet our banker

    A 20-year veteran of commercial banking, Lucas Doppler was there when Kathy had concerns about fraud. He listened, then provided the tools and insight she needed to keep the business safely moving forward.
  • A business owner, a banker, a partnership in fighting fraud.

    About the business

    Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, Forklift Systems, Inc. is a family-owned and -operated forklift rental and service business with over 40 years of helping companies throughout the Southwest and Midwest keep business moving.
  • A business owner, a banker, discussing opportunities.

    How First Horizon helped

    When Kathy contacted First Horizon, Lucas and his team worked to identify vulnerabilities then provided solutions to help protect the business and ease Kathy’s mind. That allowed her to spend her time on other aspects of the business.

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