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Low-Volume Lockbox

A better fit for low-volume receivable processing.

First Horizon Bank’s Low-Volume Lockbox provides customers with low-volume, high-dollar payments the opportunity to take advantage of some of the streamlined features of our traditional Wholesale Lockbox with a low fixed monthly rate when your volume is under the established threshold. Let First Horizon Bank help you create operational efficiencies and expedite the posting of your receivables.

Product benefits

  • Enhanced Efficiency – Low-Volume Lockbox automates the process of remittance delivery, freeing time for other duties
  • Faster Funds Availability – reduced mail and check clearing time gives you access to funds sooner
  • Reduced Cost – with up to 200 transactions/month, you can take advantage of the lower fixed cost associated with Low-Volume Lockbox
  • Online Access – no more paper! With our secure Lockbox Image Archive Application, you will have access to your remittance and correspondence transactions and your daily reports online

How does it work?

Our Low-Volume Lockbox offers a fully automated remittance process. Payments are received through a unique billing address provided by the bank. Remittance payments are qualified based on business rules provided by you. The deposits are made directly to your account. Our image-based transaction process provides you real-time remittance detail.

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