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Credit Builder Loan

Everyone's financial journey is unique. Get tailored support for your needs.

Credit Builder is designed to help build new credit or repair damaged credit. It is a loan secured by a First Horizon CD for the term of the loan.

Loan Amount and Loan to Value


  • Minimum: $2,000
  • Maximum: $5,000
  • Term: 12 months – 36 months
  • LTV: 100% of account balance
  • Max debt to income is 40%

Terms and Repayment


  • Minimum term: 12 months
  • Maximum term: 36 months
  • Equal monthly payments to fully amortize the loan



  • First Horizon Certificate of Deposit



  • The maturity date of the loan cannot exceed the maturity date of the CD by more than 30 days
  • Minor/custodian CDs and Bump Rate CDs cannot be used as collateral
  • Auto debit rate discount is NOT available for this program
  • All proceeds must be used to purchase CD – NO cash out
  • Applicants with deficient balances on other First Horizon Bank loans or currently in bankruptcy are ineligible



  • Fees may apply


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