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Visa Signature Program Guidelines*



(1) Earn two (2) Points for every dollar in net purchases at merchants classified by Visa as a service station, automated fuel dispenser or restaurant and earn one(1) point for every dollar in net purchases at other merchants. (2) No Point cap. (3) Points earned expire 5 years from the end of the calendar year in which they were earned. (4) Visa Signature points are non-transferable to any frequent flyer program. (5) Cash Advances, convenience checks, balance transfers and debit transactions initiated by us do not qualify for points.


(1) Account must be open, active and not in default status according to the terms of your Cardholder Agreement to redeem points. (2) Redemptions for travel can be made up to 11 months in advance of travel dates. (3) Redemption terms and guidelines will only be honored if you do not cancel your Account within 30 days after receiving a card. Redemption rates, fees and terms may be deleted, added to or otherwise changed from time to time in accordance with applicable law and your Cardholder Agreement. If required by law, we will give you advance written notice of the change(s) and a right to reject the change(s).


(1) There are no black-out dates. (2) To receive the best ticket price available, most airlines request at least a 14 day advance purchase with a Saturday night stay. (3) All tickets are subject to availability. (4) Tickets and other travel services purchased through redemption are non-refundable. (5) If the ticket value exceeds the point redemption level, you may pay the difference using your Visa Signature card or by redeeming additional travel points.


(1) Cardholders are responsible for all change fees and penalties associated with modification of travel redemptions. (2) You may incur redemption fees for certain redemption items. These fees are paid by you and are not refundable. (3) Points cannot be used or redeemed to cover redemption fees. (4) Cardholders are responsible for any ancillary charges assessed by airlines, such as baggage fees, upgrades and other services.


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