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Some young adults reviewing First Horizon products for their small business

Products and Services

Every business has different financial priorities. So why shouldn’t your checking and savings accounts reflect what’s important to your business?

Whether it’s simplicity, low fees, or convenience, we have something for every business. Available with all First Horizon business checking accounts:  

  • Online Banking with bill pay 
  • Mobile Banking
  • Visa® business debit card
  • Sweep feature available
  • Overdraft protection options available
  • No ATM fees at more than 675
  • First Horizon ATMs First Horizon Non-Analyzed Business Checking accounts  

Grow your savings for your business needs

On Friday, February 18, prior to your account converting to First Horizon, IBERIABANK will pay interest accrued through Monday, February 21. First Horizon has savings accounts to meet all your business needs:

  • Business Dedicated Money Market
  • Business Money Market
  • Business Savings
  • Public Funds Savings

Hardworking checking accounts for our commercial clients

  • Analyzed Business Checking
  • Business Interest Checking
  • Interest on Lawyer’s Trust Accounts (IOLTA)
  • Public Funds Checking
  • Public Funds NOW

For more detailed information, please review the Business Welcome Guide.

Keeping you covered

Special instructions for check returns

  • Checks returned for insufficient funds are either charged back to the account as the default or can be redeposited in an attempt to process them for final payment. The redeposit of checks requires special instructions.
  • If your account has special instructions at IBERIABANK at the time of conversion, these instructions will convert to First Horizon’s return system.

Our standard overdraft service

If you don’t have other overdraft protection, we will, at our discretion, pay overdrafts up to a certain limit if you don’t have sufficient money in your account. This includes checks you write, online bill payments, and recurring debit card transactions, and is based on the amount of the transaction, recent account activity, frequency of recent deposits, and payment record.

Overdraft protection options at First Horizon

There is no transfer fee for overdraft protection provided by deposit, line of credit, or credit card.

  • Deposit accounts
    You can choose to link another BizEssentials® Checking, savings, or money market account to your checking account. Money is then transferred to your checking account if needed to authorize a transaction. If you currently have accounts linked for overdraft protection, they will remain linked.
  • Credit card
    Link your checking account to a First Horizon business credit card.
  • BizEssentials® Auto Advance
    Connect your checking account to your BizEssentials® Line of Credit.If you overdraw your checking account, the funds in your BizEssentials® Line of Credit can provide additional protection.
  • Line of Credit
    Automatic advance from the line of credit2 to cover any and all overdrafts in your checking account, provided they do not exceed the available balance on the line of credit.

    Beginning February 22, you can visit any First Horizon banking center to apply. Overdraft protection plans covered by an Overdraft Services Agreement are subject to bank and credit approval.

1 The BizEssentials® Line of Credit is subject to bank and credit approval.
2 Line of Credit is subject to bank and credit approval.

Certificates of Deposit (CDs) at account conversion

At account conversion

  • Your IBERIABANK business CDs will become First Horizon business CDs.
  • Your interest rate and annual percentage yield (APY) will remain the same.
  • You’ll continue to receive a notice prior to the maturity of your CD.

At maturity

  • Your CD will automatically renew with the same terms and with the interest rate in effect at that time if you do not make a change during the seven-day grace period.
  • You will continue to receive a notice to inform you of an upcoming CD maturity.
  • You will no longer receive a CD renewal notification after maturity.
  • Additional deposits can only be made to a fixed-rate CD during the seven-calendar-day grace period.

Loans and lines of credit for current loan clients:

  • Your IBERIABANK business loans and lines of credit will transition to First Horizon with no changes to the terms of your loan agreement.
  • Your account numbers will remain the same unless you’re notified otherwise.
  • You’ll continue to receive statements on the same schedule. Your statement will have a new look but with all the same important information you need.
  • If you have a commercial variable-rate loan or line of credit, your billing statement will include your payment and interest rate amount. You’ll no longer receive rate and/or payment change notices.
  • Guarantors and endorsers will no longer receive past-due notices.
  • Commercial loan statements will no longer be produced at a unique loan level. *Loan statements will roll up at a facility level if the due date, statement drop date, and address are the same, meaning that multiple loans that meet this criteria will be included in the same statement.
  • Facility fees included on the statement will appear in the facility summary rather than in the transaction activity for a loan. *Not applicable to accounts with credit card access.
  • IMPORTANT: Your transaction history will not transfer to First Horizon.

Commercial Loan Statement Example
Term facility paid via auto-debit
Commercial Loan Statement Example
Line with a coupon for a customer to remit

Information about payments

Current Payment Method Beginning February 22
Current payment method

Stop by any of our banking centers:

By mail

Note new address to send payments:

  • First Horizon Bank, Attn: Payment Processing, P.O. Box 613706, Memphis, TN 38101-3706
  • Please include your First Horizon loan number on your check and make the check payable to First Horizon.
Coupon booklet

Statements replace coupons:

  • You’ll begin receiving monthly loan statements with a tear-off form to return with your payment if you mail your payment.
  • Discard your coupon book once you receive your first statement from First Horizon.  
Wire payments

Use the following updated instructions:

  • ABA Number: 084000026 Beneficiary Account Name: Bank Secrecy Account Beneficiary Account Number: 1130103913 Credit To/In Name Of: First Horizon Bank Ref: Client or Account: Client Name, Account Number, Type of Request (e.g., payment).
Automatic draft from your bank deposit account (ACH)

There’s nothing you need to do:

  • Your loan payments will continue uninterrupted unless you’re notified otherwise.
Online Banking

Visit to make your payments:

  • You must have a First Horizon deposit account to make online payments.
Online bill payment and third-party bill payment service

Update information:

  • Contact your provider to update the payee on your account to: First Horizon Bank, Attn: Payment Processing, P.O. Box 613706, Memphis, TN 38101-3706. Otherwise, payments could be delayed.
  • If you receive notice of a new loan account number, please provide the new number to the third party and/or online bill payment for uninterrupted service.
By automated phone
Contact the Business Service Center at 888-382-4968.

Accessing available funds from your line of credit

In person
Visit any First Horizon banking center.

Go to

Note: As of February 22, checks can no longer be used to access line of credit funds.


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