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Correspondent Services

Rely on our more than 150 years of financial experience when you need to add financial services that strengthen your customer relationships.

First Horizon Bank's Correspondent Services can strengthen your customer relationships by providing a wide-range of financial services, including Check Processing and Credit Services.

Credit Services

We offer a range of financing options to meet the needs of your financial institution.

Product Benefits

  • We are highly experienced in providing financing for acquisitions and mergers, capital injections and purchasing treasury stock
  • Our credit services enable the financial institution to avoid legal limit and Reg O violations
  • Participation in our credit services may be direct from a referral from your financial institution or a participation in one of your loans

Product Features

  • Loans to financial institutions holding companies
  • Loans to officers and directors of our customer institutions
  • Loans to customers of correspondent financial institutions

Fed Funds

Our Fed Funds services are designed to help you get more from the excess funds in your correspondent account in two distinct ways – automatically or manually

Product Benefits

  • With Automatic Fed Funds Investments, you don't have to initiate the transactions, rather the system is designed to take care of them on your behalf
  • With Manual Fed Funds Investments, the transaction is initiated by you and under your control

Product Features

  • Automatic Fed Funds Investment – delivers investment return on overnight funds
  • Manual Fed Funds Investment – delivers investment return on overnight funds. Call us prior to 3:00 p.m. CST (4:00 p.m. EST) to begin investment transactions

Commercial Safekeeping

First Horizon Bank is a leading provider of safekeeping services for institutional investors, offering a full range of custodial services and capabilities exclusively for Correspondent Services clients with FHN Financial relationships.

Our dedicated client services team utilizes a state-of-the-art custody system for domestic fixed-income investment portfolios that total approximately $37 billion and represent a wide array of security issues.

  • Trade settlement and security movement for all Federal Reserve book-entry, depository-eligible and physical issues
  • Collection and disbursement of principal paydowns, interest and dividends, as well as the return of principal resulting from calls and maturities
  • Pledging and releasing of securities as collateral for state and local municipal deposits
  • Online access for inquiry and input of transactions
  • Competitive fee schedule for services administered and securities maintained

In an effort to meet or exceed our clients’ expectations, we observe extensive operational controls and internal procedures. We also regularly review these protocols to make certain they are consistently aligned with the changing needs of the marketplace.

Image Cash Letter Processing Fed Settlement

This service, provided to image institutions, allows us to receive transmissions of cash letters and provide next-day use of funds.

Product Benefits

  • Deadline flexibility for next-morning availability of funds
  • Versatile balance reporting via Banking Online, email or fax
  • Exceptional client service
  • Settlements are transmitted to First Horizon Bank four times a day
  • We memo-post immediately and fax an advice
  • You may use your Online Banking connection to monitor your Fed settlements during the day

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