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Give all your employees the benefits of direct deposit with the First Horizon Bank PayCard.

Reduce expensive check disbursement and the hours of lost manpower involved in payroll processing with the Payroll Card from First Horizon Bank. This reloadable card makes it easier to pay your employees by direct deposit - even those without checking accounts.* Your employees can use it anywhere Visa® is accepted - both at millions of merchants and at ATMs worldwide. Best of all, this program costs you nothing and your employees pay no monthly fee.**

Employer Benefits

  • Reduces time and manpower spent producing and distributing paper checks
  • Makes reconciliation much easier
  • Eliminates forgery and lost/stolen checks that have to be replaced
  • Significantly reduce payroll costs and streamline payroll processes

Employee Benefits

  • Saves time spent standing in line at the bank on payday
  • Eliminates check cashing fees (which can be as much as $5-$20 per check)
  • Reduces the risk of having paychecks – or large amounts of cash – stolen

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