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Healthcare Remittance Manager

An online service to help your office handle patient payments more efficiently.

Healthcare Remittance Manager is designed for automated claims processing, patient payments, and point-of-service transactions. Our specialized online service images EOBs and related patient payments and reconciles direct deposits to online EOBs so your financial office can easily view patient payments online.

Product Benefits

  • Increased efficiency – these unique services improve revenue cycle management for processing insurance claims, patient payments and payments received at the point of service
  • Increased productivity – eliminates manual reconciliations of receivables, leaving your employees free to assist patients and perform other necessary functions
  • Improved control and security – the paperless workflow solutions can improve the security of handling sensitive patient information and minimizes losses due to the physical shuffling of paper
  • Lower costs – image storage and retrieval will eliminate costs associated with document filing, storage and retrieval

Product Features

  • Streamlines EOB processing and reconciles ERA files with EFT payments
  • Provides a single reconciled view of patient payments online
  • Allows you to drill down to payment images and includes seven-year archive history
  • Configurable, real-time workflow and internal routing

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