Important Information About First Horizon Digital Advisor

The account you are opening is part of the First Horizon Digital Advisor Program which provides digital, discretionary investment management services (“Services”). The Program is sponsored by First Horizon Advisors, Inc., and is available only online through this interactive Program platform. National Financial Services, LLC (“NFS”) and its affiliates (collectively, “Fidelity”) provide the systems to formulate, configure, and deliver the Program to you. To obtain the Services, you must agree to accept electronic delivery of contracts, disclosure documents, prospectuses, statements and other materials. You should not invest with this Program if you do not have regular and continuous internet access.

Based upon the information you provide us, we will recommend an asset allocation model (“Model”) for your account via an algorithmic process. The Models are created by Geode Capital Management LLC (“Geode”). Geode will invest your account in mutual funds and/or exchange traded funds in accordance with the Model.

The Program charges an annual Gross Advisory Fee of .50% of your account’s average daily asset balance, payable monthly in arrears. The Gross Advisory Fee paid for the Program is inclusive of the advisory, brokerage (to the extent effected through NFS), and custody services provided for your account in connection with the Program. The Gross Advisory Fee is reduced by a Credit Amount. The purpose of the Credit Amount is to reduce the Gross Advisory Fee by the amount of compensation, if any, received by Geode or by Fidelity from the underlying mutual funds and ETFs, or their respective affiliates, as a result of the account’s investments in such funds. This Credit Amount will be calculated daily and applied monthly in arrears.

Additional information concerning the Program is contained in the First Horizon Digital Advisor Investment Management Agreement; the First Horizon Digital Advisor Wrap Program Brochure; and the Geode Form ADV Part 2A. You should carefully review these and the other documents and agreements provided to you during this account opening process.