Directed Trust Services by First horizon Bank
As a financial professional, consider the benefits a directed trust offers you and your clients.

When considering a Directed Trust for your clients, two questions are essential

  1. How will the Directed Trust relationship with your client be constructed?
  2. What advantages are available based on favorable state law for your client?

How Directed Trusts work with you and your clients

Our job as an administrator of a Directed Trust is to follow the instructions of the trust document and the other fiduciaries as outlined in the trust document. These duties can include:

  • Fiduciary administration of the trust
  • The execution of distribution requests per the terms of the trust document
  • Preparing or arranging for the preparation of fiduciary tax returns and their timely filing
  • Coordinating communications among all trust participants

With a Directed Trust, you maintain your current role as a key advisor to your client, helping them make critical investment or tax decisions. We simply help you support those decisions through execution and oversight of the plan.

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