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Never stop saving.

You don’t have to save the world. You just need a plan for your special part of it. Start with our powerful savings rates, and you’ll be ready to protect what’s important and find new possibilities.

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No matter if you’re saving up to pay for your next big adventure or fortifying your emergency fund, our savings accounts can help you earn more with a bank that’s got your back.

UP TO 2.99% APY

Money Market Savings Account*

  • 24/7 access via Digital Banking.
  • Transfer money easily between accounts.
  • Rates are usually higher than a basic savings account or a short-term CD.
  • Ideal as an emergency fund that gives you the flexibility of immediate access.*
  • Must have a new checking account to take advantage of this offer.


Certificate of Deposit*

  • Typically offers a higher APY than other savings accounts.
  • Long-term investment, subject to early withdrawal penalty (before 11 months).
  • Must have a new checking account to take advantage of this offer.

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