Tired of costly accounts payable backlogs? Use technology to automate your process.

For many organizations, accounts payable (AP) functions are weighed down by manual, ad hoc, paper-based processes, weak controls, and insufficient protection from payment risk and fraud. The result is a payable backlog that is both costly and resource-intensive.

First Horizon has teamed with the award-winning payables technology company, MineralTree, to provide businesses like yours an end-to-end solution that helps automate your entire invoice-to-payment process.

The Invoice-to-Pay Advantage

Your business will quickly enjoy direct, tangible back-office benefits by choosing to eliminate manual AP processing and implement the Invoice-to-Pay solution, including:

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Increased efficiency
Streamline and improve internal accounts payable workflow.

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Easily integrate with popular accounting systems.


Cash out control
Precisely time and future-date payments for maximum benefit.

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Improved internal controls
Built-in controls to manage invoice approval (based on defined roles and amounts), and alerts to ensure proper oversight.

Our Solutions Integrate Seamlessly into your Accounting Platform

  • Invoice Capture – Important invoice information is automatically extracted from paper and electronic invoices and presented to AP staff for review and routing.
  • Invoice Approval – Workflow tools enable AP staff to route uploaded invoices to departments for approval.
  • Payment Approval – Approved invoices can then be ordered and paid according to your cash management policy and using important fraud-fighting payment controls like segregation of duties and dual approvals.
  • Payment Execution – Once payments are authorized, Invoice-to-Pay executes them on your behalf, streamlining the process and eliminating the hassle of sending electronic payments. Secure payments can be issued via physical check or ACH.

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