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One business man helping educate another about captives.

Serving Your Captive Needs

For organizations who want to manage their own risks rather than paying premiums to third-party insurers, forming a captive insurance company may be a good idea.

There are several benefits to consider, including:

  • Greater flexibility in coverage capacity and cost of managing business risk
  • Increased control over claims
  • Sponsoring businesses can reduce their overall risk profile after formation
  • Potential tax savings for underwriting profits and future distributions
  • Investment and underwriting income for business expansion
  • Helps provide for wealth transfer, as well as estate and succession planning

When your captive investments and banking are handled in the same place, you can enjoy streamlined service and assistance.

Banking Services Meet minimum capital requirements, manage savings and provide reinsurance.
  • Money Market Savings Accounts
  • Demand Deposit Accounts
  • Certificates of Deposit
  • Treasury Management Services
  • Letters of Credit
First Horizon Advisors Resources to match the statues of each domicile and invest fee income.
  • Investment Policy Statement
  • Investment Management Advisory Services
  • FHA Brokerage and Custodial Services
Trust Services Trusts for specific fee income.
  • Reinsurance Trusts
  • 114 Captive Trusts
  • Deductible Trusts
  • Surety Trusts

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