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Business Banking Online Reporting Modules

Get convenient access to the information you need to make financial decisions.

The Information Reporting Module includes daily opening balance totals for all accounts, transaction history up to 45 days, commercial loan balances, outstanding letters of credit and investment account balances (repos, CDs, commercial paper).

Intra-Day information (transactions entering the bank but not yet posted to your account) includes:

  • Controlled disbursement totals
  • Lockbox deposits
  • ACH transactions
  • Wire transactions
  • A current-day activity report

Other information includes the account analysis statement and an interest rate report. Transaction initiation includes stop payment, internal funds transfer and loan payment.

The Wire Transfer module provides for initiating domestic or international wire transfers, as well as reviewing incoming and outgoing wire activity. The module supports repetitive, semi-repetitive and non-repetitive wires. Wire activity requires a separate legal agreement. Specific users, authority limits and accounts for settlement are predefined during setup.

This module allows you to initiate internal funds transfers and provides prior-business-day balance levels and current-day wire transfer activity.

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