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Our Investment Philosophy

Learn more about the process that guides our work with every client.

At First Horizon Advisors, Inc., we believe that developing an investment strategy begins with a comprehensive needs analysis and risk budget assessment. Our investment philosophy is designed around each client’s goals, objectives, and risk tolerance. When working with you, we seek to diversify investments across asset classes, asset allocations, and management styles utilizing an established, consistent process. To address your individual needs, our work for clients follows a consistent process.

Our Investing Philosophy

Investment Review

In addition to ongoing monitoring, we schedule annual reviews to review and make necessary adjustments to the portfolio should your circumstances change.

Our Models

Our investment program is based on providing a range of risk-defined strategic investment options. Our program offers actively managed portfolios which may include:

  • Separate account managers
  • Active and Passive mutual funds
  • Individual stocks
  • Individual bonds*
  • Exchange traded funds
  • Liquid alternative funds

A Financial Advisor will walk you through our process to build a portfolio consistent with your risk tolerance and specific situation.


Our monitoring process is ongoing and dynamic in order to capture the impact of the global capital markets on our portfolios. Oversight includes:

  • Portfolio performance evaluation across time periods vs an appropriate benchmark
  • Attribution analysis of underlying funds
  • Semi annual rebalance based on set drift parameters


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