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Learn more about First Horizon Bank & Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

D. Bryan Jordan, Chairman, President and CEO

Bryan Jordan 

"We are pleased to provide an update on the many ways we live out our commitment to be Here for Good for our stakeholders. Holding ourselves to the highest standards of ethical conduct and operational excellence, we are focused on building a company that serves our associates, clients, communities and shareholders well now and far into the future."
- D. Bryan Jordan, Chairman, President and CEO

Our Here For Good report covers our commitments, activities and programs regarding corporate social responsibility and environmental, social and governance matters. Our concentration remains centered around our five interrelated pillars – Clients, Associates, Communities, Environment and Governance. In 2023, we completed our first stakeholder assessment and integrated what we learned into our focus areas to reflect the views and topics most important to our stakeholders. We are incredibly proud of the work our associates have done and are excited to provide highlights throughout this report.

Read our most recent CSR Report HERE FOR GOOD.

Our Pillars and Focus Areas


Invest in our associates and foster an inclusive and collaborative culture.


Serve clients extraordinarily well and dedicate resources to the underbanked.


Strengthen our communities through strategic partnerships and investments.


Operate responsibly and positively influence our value chain.


Lead with sound governance practice.