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Camper parked under the stars at night.

Explore what’s next with a $450 cash bonus*

A FirstView Checking account puts you in charge of your journey.

Go further

A small boost to your finances can keep you moving forward. Here’s how you can easily add $450 to your new FirstView Checking account. To qualify, you must be a new client. If you maintain an average daily collected balance of $5,000 in your total deposit balance and make a minimum of 10 qualifying client-initiated transactions for each statement cycle for the first three full statement cycles, we'll drop a $450 cash bonus into your account.


FirstView Checking account

  • Made for open roads and new experiences, this powerful checking account is streamlined perfectly so you can continue doing what you love.

  • Digital or mobile banking at every turn. Free access to a network of over 600 ATMs across the Southeast.

  • Safe and convenient purchasing power of a Visa debit card.

First Horizon equips you with financial peace of mind, giving you the freedom to explore a life filled with possibility.

Wherever you go, you can rest easy knowing that you’re never far from help. We’re ready to serve you here, there and at every point along the way.   

To receive your personal promotional code for this offer, simply fill out the required fields and click submit. After submission, you will see a confirmation page with details.