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Learn how to protect yourself against fraud

Be informed of recent schemes so that you can keep your personal information secure.

Consumer Fraud Prevention Tips

How do I help protect my personal data?


What should I do if I see suspicious online banking activity or receive a verification code or alert I did not initiate?


How do I spot a text scam?


What do I do if I get a call or text claiming to be First Horizon Bank?


What is a banking trojan?


What is a "secret shopper” scam?


What is a credit card skimmer?


How do I help protect seniors from financial exploitation?


What is a fraudulent salary review scheme?


Why would I be contacted about missing account information?


What are card cracking scams?


What is a common social media scheme?


Why would I receive an unsolicited offer for money or information?


Business Fraud Prevention Tips

Why did my business receive a text message?


Are there risks in accepting wire transfers?


Why would I be asked to change someone's bank account and routing information?


What is a payday loan scheme?


How can I help prevent ACH fraud?


How can I help prevent business email compromise (BEC) fraud?


How can I identify activities that are indicative of criminal intent ?


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